Cesium Ğ1


Create your Ğ1 account

Once you've chosen a highly secured password, signing up only takes a few minutes.

Receive Ğ1

You can receive your first Ğ1 as soon as you've completed the registration process.

The only thing you need to do is share your public key to the person who wishes to send you libre money.

Search by name

Find Ğ1 members by their last name, first name or blockchain id.

Send Ğ1

Cesium makes it easy for you to transfer Ğ1 libre money after a purchase or to make a donation.

Send direct messages to other users

Keep in touch with other members using messenger app integrated directly in Cesium.

Receive a notification when there is activity on your account.

Cesium can notify you directy into your inbox.

Activate email notifications to know when a transaction takes place or when someone sent you a message.

Search for businesses that accept Ğ1

Cesium comes with a registry you can use to search for businesses that accept Ğ1 as a means of payment.

You also can register your business for free.

Scan QR codes

Cesium app for smartphone allows you to scan the QR code of a wallet.

This prevent you to have to search for a member using their name.

With QR codes, no risk of sending money to the wrong recipient.

Watch multiple wallets

Easily know how much you have on each of your other wallets. Use it for you business, non-profit, crowdfunding, or anything you might find use for.